Rob J Loranger

Software Developer

Hi, I’m Rob.

I love writing software. I have been playing with computers since my C64 writing silly programs in Basic. I am interested in data science, machine learning and distributed computing.

VS Code: Custom Snippets

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I love VS Code, I was previously a vim user. I loved it too, mostly for the nostalgic console feelings. Fatih Arslan wrote a very good Go plugin called vim-go which made it even better. I’m getting tired of messing with configuration and setting up new machines, so now I’m 100% VS Code. And it’s pretty glorious. I’ll write up my extensions and setup in another post. This post is about snippets, you can set custom code snippets for different languages.

Code Style Guide - Comments

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Comments Comments are the most important part of your code contributions, they tell other developers why you wrote something. They should never explain how you did it, the code you wrote should speak for itself. When writing comments, it can be helpful to sign your name. I love me some git blame, but this way others will know who to talk to even if version control history has been lost.

Go, Toggl and 100 Days of Code

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A month or so ago I found Toggl, a free, really nice, time tracking app. Key features I really like: