Rob Loranger

Software Developer, Photographer and General Nerd

XMPP Fingerprints

A8B65BF3 C32030F3 62D0B59F EA3A5D2A 0B0FD0CB 4A7EDC32 3EE032FC 5E211C6B

3B750966 9A511825 429B8CDD 1CBD0395 C6E0B720 D79C4098 1EDE0D48 24A0CF0D

A10696E9 2E15B474 C0402DBD 5231CE4A 5AD8104F B7DF34F0 9F738EE7 AA2F0E59

03055717 E090DED1 1B74452B 17B91D08 7115BB0C 71A247FD EB9C6B85 FDEBC504


Download my public key for the following fingerprint.

EFA2 146C 2499 7961 B53C 517E 2201 794B 331B E225

SSH Fingerprint

So you want to give me access to your server? Cool!

ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIIbFaiTvjwPirXcswKoBtJKNu0JIlMfZhJbwMqb9hCTL Public