Rob J Loranger

Software Developer

Review: Todd McLeod's GoLang Course on Udemy



This course now has an updated version available on Todd’s own education platform, which I got to help build 😀. Check it out on Greater Commons!

I made it through the whole course! It wasn’t even that hard, my previous experience with Javascript and other languages probably helped me wrap my head around the tough parts. However Todd is really good at teaching people to code. Even those new to programming will find all the help they need.

The course is taught by Todd Mcleod and is mostly video lectures with code challenges throughout. There are lots of additional resources presented and the student is constantly encouraged to try the code and experiment. This is the best way to learn a programming language, try it - break it - fix it.

This Course is Thorough

You can view the course details, or register on Udemy

If you want the quick version, it covers pretty much everything in the Go language spec. Types, functions, channels, packages, lots of stuff… all you need to get coding in Go. Including development environment set up, IDE suggestions and set up.

Whom Better to Instruct?

Todd is an adjunct Faculty Member of Computer Science at California State University Fresno, and Faculty at Fresno City College. He’s being teaching for over 16 years covering topics from accounting and math to computer concepts and android programming. More recently it’s been web programming and golang. He seems to really love teaching and cares about the student understanding the material.

What I Liked

The personality of your instructor in this course is best described as friendly, not just nice but like your friend sitting in their garage teaching you to code in their spare time. Everything is explained more than once, not too much but just enough to really get things to sink in.

What I Disliked

Nothing really, I skipped a bunch of videos in the beginning as I was already familiar with computer concepts, numbering systems and basic programming. As well I had previously figured out how to set up my environment.

In Conclusion

I can’t recommend this course enough if you are interested in GoLang or even if you are just interested in programming and aren’t sure which language to start with, IMHO Go is the future.