Rob J Loranger

Software Developer

Technical Skills

Stack skills: Go, JAMstack (React, Node), HTML, CSS. As well various tools like: git, node, webpack, babel, goa.

I have worked with both Amazon and Google cloud services, most experience is with Google. I first started to seriously learn to program with the Free Code Camp curriculum, after which I found Go. After studying Go for a couple years I am back studying the world of JavaScript and other front end fun.

Other languages I have used and enjoy, but have less experience, include: C, Ruby.


I am always eager to learn something new, working full time I find it hard to pick just one thing to learn or practice in my free time. I am usually bouncing between a few projects until something distracts me. Like my .vimrc or setting up a local cloud solution.


I have not yet worked professionally as a developer, so for details on specific projects see my projects page.


I have a number of technical references available on request from the projects and communities I have worked with and helped build.