VS Code: Custom Snippets

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My custom snippets for VS Code. TODO, NOTE
I love VS Code, I was previously a vim user. I loved it too, mostly for the nostalgic console feelings. Fatih Arslan wrote a very good Go plugin called vim-go which made it even better. I’m getting tired of messing with configuration and setting up new machines, so now I’m 100% VS Code. And it’s pretty glorious. I’ll write up my extensions and setup in another post. This post is about snippets, you can set custom code snippets for different languages.

Code Style Guide - Comments

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Preferred coding style and best practices. This article covers commenting your code.
Comments Comments are the most important part of your code contributions, they tell other developers why you wrote something. They should never explain how you did it, the code you wrote should speak for itself. When writing comments, it can be helpful to sign your name. I love me some git blame, but this way others will know who to talk to even if version control history has been lost.

Go, Toggl and 100 Days of Code

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I've gone Go, having a great time using Toggl to track my time and joined the #100DaysOfCode challenge this year.

A month or so ago I found Toggl, a free, really nice, time tracking app. Key features I really like:

Hacktober 2016 Comes To An End

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My experience during Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest.
October is almost over and with it Hacktoberfest comes to a close. I set out to push as many pull requests as possible, hoping for at least 4 a week. While I kept this pace initially with 5 in my first week, I quickly found less free time. I was spending more time searching GitHub for issues I was able to fix than I was coding, or even learning to code which is what I should be focused on.

Happy Hacktoberfest 2016

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Rob J Loranger is taking part in #hacktoberfest 2016, submitting as many pull requests on opensource projects as time permits.
It’s October again and that means Digital Ocean’s Hacktoberfest is back. A time to support and celebrate open source, and maybe earn a limited edition t-shirt while your at it. What a great excuse to get coding and help out the community. It’s week one coming to a close and I’ve had a pretty good start, even though some were #hacktoberfest gimmies. 😀 Pull Requests In Week 1 New blog for Your First Pull Request Fixed form for Bookshelf Fixed small screen form size for Bookshelf Created changelog for yamp Implemented a name change for Seattle Feminist JS I am always looking for new issues to help with, and am hoping to submit many more pull requests this month.

Starting a new GoLang course on Udemy

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I recently started a course on GoLang by Todd McLeod on Udemy.
I’ve been working through @todd_mcleod’s GoLang Training course on @udemy, I’m about a quarter the way through. So far it’s really good, especially if you are new to programming. Todd goes over everything you need to get going. I’ll write up something more when I finish. I have to recommend checking out @golang if your insterested in learning a new language. Especially if your interested in servers, automation or cli apps.