Who am I?

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I'm a freelance software developer.

This post will be more like a living document, it will change over time. It was last updated: March 15th 2019.

First just a quick list of how I got to where I am now.

  • FreeCodeCamp in mid 2015, while building an open source Garmin topographic map of Vancouver Island. I finished the front end certificate by the end of the year, then most of the algorithms section.
  • 2016 Sometime I got distracted, as the NodeJS curriculum was unfinished at that time, and started learning the Go programming language.
  • 2017 I got to work on Greater Commons.
  • 2018 I burt for a while. Saw something awesome in Project Athens, jumped in.
  • Burnt out more, took a break, thought about what I wanted to do. Went back to redo some FreeCodeCamp.
  • 2019 Took some online React courses, studied more recent JS. Started picking away at FreeCodeCamp again. Wanting to explore React a little more, I jumped in learning Gatsby and built this site.

It looks like it's been about four years in the making. I'm finally at a point where I can just sit down and build things. If I don't know a language or framework it is much easier to pick it up over a couple days, enough to start getting things done anyway.

I have always been interested in computers, as far back as I can remember. We had an Amiga growing up, and in my pre-teens through teens I had a number of cool old systems to play with. pcJR, Commodore 64. The c64 was my favorite. I would sit for probably days on end, writing little programs. I emulated things I saw in movies, BBS systems. Fake hacking tools.

Later in life I always hacked away at HTML or PHP as needed to get a website doing what I wanted. I toyed with learning CS online somewhere and started learning the c programming language. Only sometime in 2014 did I start to really consider studying more in depth, taking it seriously.

Random Q's

Is it all just computers and technology?

Nope, my first huge fascination was with the outdoors. More specifically with the skills early people used to build things and live their lives. In recent years it's been called bushcraft or primitive skills.

Whatever you call it, I love it. I can make fire a handful of ways without matches. I can create weapons and traps for hunting, build shelters. Not so great with plants and foraging but I would very much like to expand that knowledge.