NoColorStudio no. 10 Part 2

Testing No Color Studio’s no. 10 film stock, as well as development tests for Ilford Ilfosol 3 and Ilfotec HC as these were what I had and there were no available times yet.

Check it out here

If you haven’t already, go check out the first part of this series, it was pretty short.

An experimental film with a clear base and spectral sensitivity up to 780nm. It’s 100 iso but you can pull to 25 and push up to 1600. (I plan to test that out 😀)

This stock gets some pretty great contrast, and handles over-exposure well. There is a tendency to find fogging around some sprocket holes, but this doesn’t appear to affect the image.

Roll Number Two

This time around I developed in Ilford Ilotec HC @ 1:31 for 6 minutes. I was going to try Ilfosol 3 again, but the last of my bottle had oxidized so I didn’t chance it.

This is only the center 1/3 of a frame, It was portrait and I cropped just the center

Some snow berries, the whites this time around are much more accurate

Sad half a hydrant, I forgot it’s 29 exposures in a recycled canister 😬