Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow

Trying out Kosmo Foto’s newest stock, Agent Shadow.

Check it out here

The Film

This is a 400 iso panchromatic film that can be pushed up to 6400 🤯. I will try that out in another post. It might be an existing emulsion but they customized the borders with Agent Shadow branding.


You can find the official development chart here, but they didn’t have Ilfotec HC yet and neither did Massive Dev Char. So I started with the long time for Kodak HC dilution b.

I then developed in Ilford Ilfotec HC @ 1:31 for 6 minutes. The usual Ilford method of agitation, 1 minute stop bath and then fixed for 5 minutes in Ilford Rapid Fixer.

I usually do a few water changes to rinse and then a quick rinse under running water once removed from the spool.


I’m super happy with the results, I might be stocking up regularly on this one.

Roots of a cedar tree in the forest

Looking up the through the canopy

Mossy cedar branches

Salmon making their way up stream, and a waterfall

A closer crop of another frame, glad this is a 400 iso film

Overcast day in the shade, really nice detail in the bark on this oak

This one could have used a filter to separate the colors a bit, but pretty good overall

Overall this film seems to handle very well, no surprise given that it is ‘an existing emulsion made by a company with more than a century’s experience in making film’. The waterfall negatives are a bit thin as I used the shutter speeds I wanted rather than those I should have, but there is still plenty of detail in the shadows and highlights.