NoColorStudio no. 10 Part 1

Testing No Color Studio’s no. 10 film stock, as well as development tests for Ilford Ilfosol 3 and Ilfotec HC as these were what I had and there were no available times yet.

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First Roll

The first roll was a bit over developed. I went for 7 minutes in Ilford Ilfosol 3 at 1:9, which was about 2 whole minutes more than the typical 100 iso film stock with this developer. I have no idea how I came up with that time.

My scanning setup isn’t awesome either, I DSLR scan but no fancy gear. I use an old Canon EOS Rebel T3i, with the zoom kit lens. Also all photos were taken before I figure out the rangefinder on my Konica Auto S2 needed adjustment, this happened to be the inaugural roll after I serviced it, so focus isn’t great.

Jack sleeping in his favorite spot

After switching film carriers, from the Essential Film Holder to the one that came with the Intrepid Compact Enlarger, and from the kit lens to an old manual Pentax macro lens; The images came out a bit nicer, but the development was still off.

My turntable and amplifier.

Part of the Colquitz River

A stone in the same river.

The Second Attempt

This will be in a follow up post. I will do a latitude test at the same time. That post will also include my findings from both developers.

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